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Vail Daily Biz Watch: Artist Creates Custom Designs

The most exciting thing recently has been my full-size wall mural at ATD Auto Spa in Edwards. Go there and check it out. I can do any logo, scene, artwork, etc., to make your home, garage, office or shop location that much more to talk about.


What strategy do you use to differentiate your business from your competition?

I am a creative, fun, easy to work with person who takes pride in my work and yearns to perfect my craft.


What philosophy do you follow in dealing with your customers? What can your customers expect from you?


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Boulder Vapor House Hosts: The Hill Block Party ft. William Thompson

Visit the Murals at the Skatepark in Lionshead, Vail, Colorado

William Thompson’s evolution of skateboarding mural on the west facing wall of the skatepark.

VAIL — Earlier this summer, the town of Vail’s Art in Public Places invited four local artists to paint large murals on the exterior of the skatepark in Lionshead. Not only did this public art project enhance the skatepark’s appearance, it provided a canvas for professional artists to showcase the evolution of street art.

The skatepark is scheduled to be dismantled on Sept. 30, but in the meantime, Art in Public Places is inviting the public to enjoy the paintings before the artwork is placed in storage for the winter.

The four local artists who created the murals were Michael Friedberg, Prent Milhoan, William Thompson and Shen.


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Defacing American Currency and the Pop-Art of William Thompson

William Thompson is a Boulder-based artist who, like any good American, likes to draw on money and make pop art. We tried to interview him about his techniques, but instead we ended up talking to the Boulder-based artist about women, strip clubs and cash. You know, the important stuff. 


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The Boulder Vapor House

Boulder Vapor House is an electronic cigarettes / portable vaporizer supply store committed to offering you an intuitive experience to an alternative lifestyle. We are certified distributors offering a massive selection of genuine devices and accessories. From standard starter kits and variable voltage devices from leading brands like SMOK, INNOKIN,KANGER and ASPIRE to a huge array of mechanical mods from around the world our selection works within anyone’s budget necessary. Did we mention the eJuice selection? With over 120 flavors from 20 industry leading brands all made in the USA, you’re sure to find your all day vape. Conveniently located on the historic University Hill in Boulder Colorado, we invite you to stop in today to experience what a life without cigarettes can be for you.


University of Colorado Honors Journal

This piece is one of many from my series of ballpoint pen drawings. This process takes months to complete. This piece was designed with the sole purpose of giving the viewer an insight into the creative processes taking place within an artist’s mind. In this piece, I really want to entertain the viewer and take them on an artistic, thought provoking adventure.  Extraordinary, or “out of the ordinary” is the best way I can describe this piece.  It takes familiar subjects, happenings, and designs and puts them into a context that would otherwise never have been seen or thought of. 


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The way women are portrayed in the media today has really changed our perspectives of what ‘beauty’ is.  It is not natural for women to wear a pound of makeup and have plastic features.  This piece was intended to show the natural beauty of the female face alongside the natural beauty of water.  It shows that both are beautiful in their natural states. 


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The Legendary Taco Junky Mural

Artists Paint Legendary Mural

Beyond the obvious draw of tacos and tequila, one of TJ’s most amazing features is the back wall mural, crafted by local artists Laura McGowan and William Thompson. While McGowan is more of a detail-oriented realist painter, Thompson is well-versed in street art. The two teamed up to paint what has become known as a symbol of generational movement—showing the impact of youth political and social involvements through the decades.

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Taco Junky Mural

The Rooster Magazine

Nobody Defaces Currency Better 

Since it's so prevelant and easy to come by, Artist Will Thompson uses the American dollar as the backdrop to his incredible drawings.


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